Welcome to El Café!

Welcome to El Café.


El Café del pueblo pequeño - that is our exact Spanish name means - "The Little Village Cafe".


We invite you to imagine where this "Little Cafe" or "Little Village" would be.


It would be at the junction where the people's dreams cross each other...

It would be at the oasis within the stark red desert...

Or, it could be found among the everyday life at the outskirts of a West Coast city...


"The Little Village Cafe" could exist somewhere in such places.


El Café was created in such an image.


We strive to offer the Best TEX-MEX Cuisine,

And create an ideal space to realize that image,

To bring it to life in Japan.


Even if it is a short break while drinking a cup of coffee,

Or only a moment of enjoying one shot of tequila...


All our customers are the villagers of "Pueblo Pequeño",

Existing in a special time different from the usual day-to-day.


We are honored if you can spend time and enjoy the spirit of El Café.



Tosh Otsuka


El Café del pueblo pequeño

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